How The Journey Started

I thought I would start the first post with how this journey started. I hope this will give you an insight into who I am, what beliefs I have and why I am on this journey. I invite you to join the journey with me.

From a very young age (about 4) I knew that I was blessed in life and that what I had was more than most. We were not a rich family by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, until the age of seven I lived at a christian camping centre where my dad worked as the groundsman and my mum was a kitchen-hand and on-site nurse. But in knowing that I was blessed I also knew that there were others that needed help in this world. Africa burned on my heart the most and I would often go to bed at night and pray, "Dear God, please help all the poor people in the world." In praying this I truly believed that in that moment all the poor people would feel God's love, grace and hope. What child-like faith.

So, when creating my plan for my life (as we do) I pictured getting mar…

Fragrant Indian-Spiced Lamb Curry and Pancakes!

Things have been very quiet on the adoption front lately as my documents sit on someone's desk in India waiting to be looked at. I need to get used to this though. Once my documents are checked I will be waiting for months or even years to be matched. It's a lesson in patient waiting.

So in the mean time lets talk cooking!
I love creating delicious food. If it doesn't taste good why make it?!
Near the beginning of this year I started what I thought would be a tradition of having pancakes at the start of every school holidays. A celebratory type thing. This has turned into pancakes every weekend because who doesn't like celebrating weekends?!

But these aren't just any pancakes. I use the recipe in Chelsea Winter's book 'EAT'. I don't have the rights to share this recipe with you but I would suggest you buy this book anyway as the recipe is not available online and there are many great recipes in it. Trust me, I've cooked over 75% of the main meal…

Adoption Update #4

This week I was informed of the date for the training I need to go to in Auckland. This training is specifically for those in the process of adopting from India and tells us about what to expect when we go there, how to go about naming our child and what to expect in the first month of being a parent of an adopted child from India.

I'm very excited about this training day as I know the information will be incredibly useful as those who are presenting have adopted themselves and visited the orphanages in India where New Zealand adopts from. I'm also excited about this being another step in the process. This day was going to be held in June but it has been difficult to plan to suit everyone so it is now in October and during the holidays (which is fantastic for me.) I'm not sure how many people will be attending but I am looking forward to meeting them all, finding out about their journeys and journeying alongside them in the future.

I am very blessed that on Monday I was gi…

Pegs to Bring Bunny Home

Other the past month I have held a peg fundraiser, selling stainless steel pegs to raise money to #bringBunnyhome.

I loved this fundraiser as I was able to sell something that people needed and it works well with my ability to try and live more eco friendly (and encourage others to do so too!) My friend Lara found the fundraising opportunity advertised on Bento Ninja's Facebook page and tagged me in it earlier this year. I had just completed a quiz night so more fundraising was not on my priority list at the time!
I pre-ordered 10 bags of pegs to show people what they were like and knew I could order the rest at the end of the four weeks. With my ten bags of pegs I had an idea to make bunny ornaments out of baking soda and cornflour to place on each bag of pegs. These look nice and I thought it was a great idea to help people remember why they bought pegs and to pray if they were that way inclined... I just didn't realise how many bags of pegs I was going to sell!
Once the fund…

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific child already? No, I have to wait to be matched to a child. The Indian authorities make the match and then share the information with ICANZ who share it with me. I then have a couple of days to look through the information and choose whether I accept that child. I will be sent a photo (not necessary a recent one) and limited medical information. If I don’t accept the child I am put back in the queue to wait for another one. 
How long will it take? The process has already taken 22 months. Once I have been approved by the Indian Authorities the wait could be anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. 
Do you go over to India at all? Yes. I have to go over to collect her and I may need to go over one or two times before that. This depends on what the Indian Authorities ask for. When I go over to collect her my mum will have to come with me and we will have to stay for at least two weeks. 
Why overseas and not NZ? There are many reasons for this decision but the main one is that m…

In the Waiting

Waiting is an interesting conundrum. How long will it take? What else could I be doing while I'm waiting or instead of waiting? Waiting is never easy. We are all waiting for something in life, a new job, children to leave home, a pay rise, getting married, the queue at the supermarket or the husband to fix something! Sometimes we wait with faith, not actually knowing if what we are waiting for will come about. Other times we wait, knowing that what we are waiting for will come to pass. The waiting for the latter is easier but we still require hope in our waiting.

I'm not the best at waiting but I find it easier when I have something to do while I wait.

The struggle that exists with waiting for Bunny is not having an end date. I don't know when the waiting will end, I'm in a limbo of waiting for something that I know will change my life with no idea when it will happen. In the meantime I have to live! So what do I do in my living and waiting?

7 years ago I started sewing …

How 'Bunny' Got Her Name

Almost a year of my adoption journey had passed before I decided that I needed a nickname for the little girl I was to adopt. Saying 'my little girl' was feeling a bit impersonal and at 3 words and 4 syllables long it was taking it's time to pronounce.

The search started for a short but cute and relatable nickname for 'my little girl'. The search wasn't a long one.

I had already purchased fabric from Spotlight early on in my journey to make a quilt for my little girl. I love to sew and I knew I would need some projects to make and to help pass the waiting time. This fabric is a beautiful woodland theme with deer, acorns, toadstools, trees, bunting and... bunnies. I decided 'Deer' didn't have a very enduring tune to it but 'Bunny' did.

I had also already purchased a 'JellyCat' bunny from the local ToyWorld as I had seen these in 'Harrods' when I had visited London in 2016 and had already decided that they were the most delight…

Adoption Update #3

Since my last update my adoption documents have flown to India and waited in line for a few weeks to be looked over and translated by CARA (the Indian authority).

This week I heard back that they only need one amendment to a document before they can proceed. This is great news as often there can be a whole list of other documents that they want to see.

The document that needs amending was the letter from my parents to state that they would be guardians if anything was to happen to me. The letter stated that they were relatives but not how they were related to me.

This needs to state that they are my mother and father and we need a Notary to sign it and witness my parents signing it. What is a notary you ask?
Well, all notaries are lawyers but not all lawyers are notaries. That's all I know. It sounds expensive is all I can say.

So on Tuesday next week my Mum, Dad head to Notary Ken Lord to sign the letter which I then scan and email to Wendy and also post the original to her as we…