The First Phone Call

On Tuesday this week I received my first phone call from the Ministry for Vulnerable Children. They informed me that they had received my application, which had been posted on Tuesday the week before. She told me that the next step was to participate in some training days. She gave me some dates to attend 2 of the three training days. I thanked her and said I would get back to her with the dates I could attend.
I got off the phone shocked and nervous. The reality was beginning to sink in. I was surprised that they had rung me so quickly but very worried about getting time off work to attend the days.
I typed up an email to work, nervous about the cost of having to take days off work and possibly not getting paid. Instead of allowing the situation to overwhelm me I decided to declare the greatness of my God.
Fortunately that night I also caught up with an amazing friend of mine who spoke words of love and encouragement, reminding me that this is God's story, not mine and that he has given me the skills and the passion to make this all possible.


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