He's in the Waiting

As more people learn of my plans to adopt from India I find myself being asked regularly how things are going. I don't mind this question at all, in fact I'm delighted that people are interested and supportive of what I am doing. It's just that, at the moment, I'm waiting and when I tell people I am waiting they express their sympathy to me and how hard this must be. But it's not.

See, for over a decade I have waited.
In my late teens I was set on getting married. I just needed to find someone who would help me secure my 'happily ever after'. And so I searched, and I waited, and I cried out in agony in my loneliness, and at the length of the wait. "Why so long God?" I compared myself to all my other friends who one by one were walking down the aisle while I was wondering when it was my turn.

I look back on this time and sigh. What I have learnt is that God is working in our waiting. It is in this time that he teaches, instructs and directs us, we just have to be willing. It took me a long time to be willing to be taught through my singleness. I would scoff at people who would tell me that it is a gift. Now I know this to be true.

I waited for a husband for 10+ years . And in that ten years I groaned and fought God to release me from my 'prison'. Instead God showed me that indeed it was no prison. It was a world of possibilities. A chance to explore and wander like few people can. It took me over ten years of waiting to be open to God changing me, showing me something new, revealing his glory.

I viewed waiting like waiting for the doctor in a waiting room, looking at your phone, hoping your next. But that isn't God's type of waiting. His waiting is like waiting for your baby to come when you are pregnant. You can prepare, learn and plan. But you can't control the baby that is growing inside you. It is an active waiting but still not everything is under your control.

So now I wait. But not for the next course or news from MVCOT. I wait for God. To show me what He wants to teach me. To show me where He wants me to walk and how He wants me to live in the waiting.

We are all waiting for something. A new job, a baby, a husband, better health, more money...
Take this time to thank God for what you already have. Comparison is the thief of all joy. Ask Him to reveal to you what His plans are in the waiting.

The link below is a video of a song by Bethel called 'Take Courage".  It's a song that my heart has  been singing in this season.
The words of the chorus are:

Take courage my heart,
Stay steadfast my soul,
He's in the waiting,
He's in the waiting.
Hold onto your hope
As your triumph unfolds
He's never failing,
He's never failing.

Take time to listen to this song. Don't let your heart grow faint in the waiting. He will finish all he has begun for He's in the waiting.



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