The Adoption Process

Many people have been asking me about the process I have to go through for adoption.

First I had to attend an information evening. This was to learn about all the different ways you could assist children in need in your home ranging from emergency fostering to home for life or adoption. At the end of this evening we were given packs to fill out to start the process. This was a bit scary for me. It felt like the next step was to just jump right in there. I didn't fill my pack out for awhile as I researched more about the process.

Once my forms were filled out and sent away I was invited to attend a training day. This was one of three training days that I had to attend. The first two focused on attachment disorders; the role of the child, birth parent and adoptive parent in adoption or fostering and your life and how this may effect your decision and ability in fostering or adopting. The last training day, which I will attend next week, is focused solely on international adoption. I have waited since September for this training day. Almost 6 months has been a long wait but I knew that waiting was part of the process and as we've already talked about God does a lot in our waiting.

Once the training days are complete I get a social worker who will conduct a series of 2 hour interviews. During this time they will ask questions regarding my mental health, family history and financial stability. They will also check whether my house is suitable. After these interviews the social worker will write up a report and a group of people will view this and decide whether I am suitable for international adoption. Yes, this is the scariest part. Not just because they make the decision but because I have heard that the interviews can be quite intense.

Once MVCOT have made their decision I then start working with ICANZ (InterCountry Adoption New Zealand). They will apply to the Indian authorities on my behalf for a child/ren to be offered to me. While ICANZ are in contact with India I will have to attend another training day in Auckland. This is presented by ICANZ and is specifically for those wishing to adopt from India. I will learn about some Indian culture, what to expect from my indian adoptees (my girls) and how to go about names to use for them. I hope to be able to use their current names but I will see what advice is given at this training day.

Once a match is made (this can take 3 years) I will then travel to India. I may need to travel there up to three times. The last time I go I will need to stay for about 18 days. This is to complete all legal requirements to secure the adoption. I have to take someone with me on this trip since I am not married. I will probably take my mum but knowing we are both nervous flyers I think we may need someone else.

Once the girls are in New Zealand ICANZ keeps the Indian Central Authority informed about the progress of the placement through post-placement reports for 2 years. I then need to apply for NZ Citizenship for my children.

This is the process. At times daunting. At times slow and tedious. But ultimately worth it. Many times I wish I was further on and just had my girls, or at least knew who they were but I rest in the peace that God knows them and He will protect them throughout their lives, both in India and New Zealand.


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