Is Your Taste Worth More Than His Life?

Today on my walk through Hagley Park I stumbled upon this sign written on a bridge. It wasn't just aimed at pigs, there was one for fish too.

To start with I was frustrated. If I had chalk with me I probably would have drawn a picture of a women or child and written, "Is your lifestyle (or wardrobe) worth more than her life?" I was fuming that someone could consider that this cause was worthy to 'brandish around' the community. It's an animal for goodness sake... people are dying!

As I walked on I reconsidered. This person is obviously passionate about something (not eating animals) and had the courage to put their message out there, to stand up for their cause. My anger and frustration turned to a sort of admiration (sort of).

What are you passionate about? What are you willing to stand up for?
In order to really live we must be truly passionate about something.
I work with people who are truly passionate about the environment, or truly passionate about enabling children with dyslexia and learning difficulties to learn and experience success.

I'm truly passionate about inequality and injustice, especially towards children and women.
We can say that 'we have come so far' from where we were 100 years ago or what about the poor children in NZ and yes they do exist, but have you visited Saudi Arabia lately? Or India? Or Afghanistan? It is hard to comprehend something that we have not experienced ourselves.

I have been reading a book that has both exceedingly challenged and inspired me. It has called me out on some of my beliefs and made me uncomfortable in my own living room. It's the kind of book that you can only read a chapter at a time... but everyone should read it. 'Half the Sky, How to Change the World' records many stories of women throughout Africa and Asia who have overcome the most unimaginable hurdles in order to change the world. If we don't know then we won't care. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge requires action. I know that if we all take small steps we can change the world. What is your cause worth?


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