Quiz Night Success

On Tuesday approximately 97 people attended the fundraiser quiz night at The SugarHorse in Christchurch. We packed the bar and the outside court area. There were laughs, groans, plenty of food and incredible raffles. And I was humbled (and a bit overwhelmed) at the generosity and support of everyone who attended or supported in other ways towards the evening. Everyone wanted to know the story, to know what was happening next and were so excited for the journey. This community continues to grow.

I didn't know at least a quarter of the guests that night. In fact one whole team I had never met and two others I only knew one person! There were friends from church, from work, from high school, from kids camps years ago, my cousins, Mum's workmates, my cousin's workmates, my friend's friends and parents and sisters... the list goes on!

The quiz was extremely difficult. I had planned to slot into a team but instead I enjoyed talking to everyone and soaking up the atmosphere. I only knew about 5 answers out of the whole quiz. One team was lucky enough to be given one of these answers during the night... but they did end up being the losing team so it wasn't of much use!

Congratulations to the team 'Married at First Sight' (and Cookie) for winning on the night. There was a conspiracy that the teams that got second equal should also have won due to some hard scoring, but we're all winners in the end. Congratulations also to the raffle winners. The Beauty Raffle was won by Mitch for his wife Nicole who couldn't make it on the night. The Treats Raffle was won by Jennifer who works in Lincoln so will be able to make good use of that Lab voucher. The Plastic-Free raffle went to Jo who couldn't make it on the night but bought raffle tickets to help support the cause.

A big thank you to my mum and her friend Di who helped on the night selling raffles. You did an amazing job and I couldn't have done it without you.

I also had great support from Pete at The SugarHorse. He was a fantastic host and the team behind the bar were kept busy all night. He emailed me the next day with another idea for a fundraiser so stay tuned! The raffle supporters were also amazing. Mike from Healthy Harvest asked me to pop into his office when I bought my veges this week. He wanted to know all about the quiz and the adoption journey. Some of the raffle supporters have said they would be keen to help again.

I am pleased to say that after such a fantastic night we managed to raise just over $1800! Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you keep reading the blog and finding out more of the journey.

The current overall total for adoption is $6735. This is over a third of the way which is very exciting. There may be more fundraisers next year. They will be advertised on Facebook and on here. Remember my GiveaLittle page is also still open. Thank you for being part of this journey with me. Let's bring Bunny home!


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