Why $20,000?

As many of you know I need to raise $20,000 before I can move on to the next step of the adoption process.

So what is the next step and why $20,000?

Currently I am raising money in order for my Home Study Report to be approved. This report talks about my job, personality, house, beliefs family etc etc. Basically it sets out to show whether or not I am a good candidate for adoption.

Part of this report needs to prove that I am financially able to afford to adopt and stay at home with Bunny for at least a year to form strong attachments. Being a single person with a mortgage the financial situation has been seen as a bit of a squeeze. My social worker has said that I will need evidence of $20,000 in my account before she will put my Home Study through for approval.

So will the adoption cost $20,000?

No. It will cost more than that.

Once my report is close to being accepted I need to register with ICANZ (InterCountry Adoption New Zealand). This is almost $2,900 and covers the cost of the organisation to work alongside Indian agencies to find a 'match.' It also covers support from the organisation, most of whom have adopted internationally themselves. I then also need to pay a 'Foreign Programme Development' Fee, once I have been accepted, of about $2000.

As part of choosing to work with ICANZ I am required to attend a course in Auckland around adoption in India. The cost of this course is $100 and flights and accommodation are on top of that.

Once my Home Study Report is approved ICANZ works with authorities in NZ and India to compile my dossier. This is a compilation of many legal documents required by either country in order to adopt.

After a lot of waiting (how long is a piece of string?) I will be matched to a child and will receive their information, photo and medical records. I can then choose whether or not I accept this child.

Once I have accepted a child I must go to India before the court proceedings and I may need to take the ICANZ Indian Representative with me if deemed necessary. This will be at my cost. I may need to visit India up to three times before bringing Bunny home.

For two years, once Bunny is home, ICANZ will conduct home interviews. Four in the first year and two in the second. There is also a cost to this.

Other costs include lawyer costs in India which are approximately US $5,000, costs through ICANZ once acceptance of child is granted and there may be a fee for the translation of documents depending on what state Bunny is from.

This doesn't include the cost of not working for a year in order to build attachment with what will most likely be a very traumatised little girl. I can get Paid Parental Leave at $500 a week for 18 weeks but the rest is up to me.

So the overall cost is looking to be at least $40,000.

If you want to help bring Bunny home please donate to my GiveaLittle page. I am hoping to hold another fundraiser sometime in February next year.


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