Adoption Update #2

A year and a half ago, almost to the day (9th August 2017), I posted my forms to Oranga Tamariki to begin the process of international adoption.

Today my home study report was accepted and handed over to ICANZ (Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand).

This is a huge step and celebration in the journey, in fact one of the biggest, as it means I have been deemed acceptable to adopt from India. I now need to finalise a few documents for my dossier and then the waiting to bring Bunny home will truly begin.

A few weeks ago my exceptional cousin, Christy, took yet another photo shoot for my dossier (this was the third one) as I had learnt that no shoulders were allowed to be shown and it was best if knees weren't either.
Before the photo shoot, I trolled through Facebook trying to find photos that might be suitable to send. I found one that hid the fact that my shoulders were bare and I thought it would be a great, only to realise that the glass of wine I was holding in the centre of the frame might not go down well with the 'no alcohol in photos' that was also part of the recommendations.
All photos also had to be less than six months old. I found a great one of myself and my bestie (Alison) in Akaroa and was about to start my collection when I realised that I was wearing sunglass which obstructed my face (another no-no). A photo shoot was in order.

So one Saturday morning I picked up Christy from her parents, drove to my parents, took some photos, everyone got changed (except Christy), we drove to Halswell Quarry, took some more photos, Christy and I drove to my house, I got changed again, wrangled the cat, and took some more photos. I now have a rather large collection of photos of myself!

It's now a time to celebrate and look back with gratitude. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, pushed me, encouraged me and financially and prayerfully backed me to get this far. Without you, this would still be a dream written in a journal many years old. Thank you for turning dreams into reality.

This is getting real folks, let's bring Bunny home!


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