Adoption Update #3

Since my last update my adoption documents have flown to India and waited in line for a few weeks to be looked over and translated by CARA (the Indian authority).

This week I heard back that they only need one amendment to a document before they can proceed. This is great news as often there can be a whole list of other documents that they want to see.

The document that needs amending was the letter from my parents to state that they would be guardians if anything was to happen to me. The letter stated that they were relatives but not how they were related to me.

This needs to state that they are my mother and father and we need a Notary to sign it and witness my parents signing it. What is a notary you ask?
Well, all notaries are lawyers but not all lawyers are notaries. That's all I know. It sounds expensive is all I can say.

So on Tuesday next week my Mum, Dad head to Notary Ken Lord to sign the letter which I then scan and email to Wendy and also post the original to her as well.

I found Ken through a google search. Before I called I said a quick prayer because I've learnt through this process that giving each step to God is important, and often He has people He knows will become part of the 'village' through the process. I called the first notary that came up closest to home but he is currently overseas (nice for him). I then rang Ken's office but he was unavailable to speak so I flicked him a quick email.

We managed to set up a time that suited himself and my parents (unfortunately it's hard to work around teaching so I'm missing out on this one). When I mentioned Ken's name my mum told me that her and dad already knew him through Majestic Church days. Christchurch has always been a small place where someone knows someone else, but it's good to know that they are known when there is so much unknown throughout the journey.

Once my documents are translated there won't be much to update everyone with as it will be a matter of waiting which could be months or years. So I'm going to start blogging about what I'm doing in the mean time. Mostly cooking and sewing.

In the meantime here is a photo of the next fundraiser which will start around the beginning of July.


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