How 'Bunny' Got Her Name

Almost a year of my adoption journey had passed before I decided that I needed a nickname for the little girl I was to adopt. Saying 'my little girl' was feeling a bit impersonal and at 3 words and 4 syllables long it was taking it's time to pronounce.

The search started for a short but cute and relatable nickname for 'my little girl'. The search wasn't a long one.

I had already purchased fabric from Spotlight early on in my journey to make a quilt for my little girl. I love to sew and I knew I would need some projects to make and to help pass the waiting time. This fabric is a beautiful woodland theme with deer, acorns, toadstools, trees, bunting and... bunnies. I decided 'Deer' didn't have a very enduring tune to it but 'Bunny' did.


I had also already purchased a 'JellyCat' bunny from the local ToyWorld as I had seen these in 'Harrods' when I had visited London in 2016 and had already decided that they were the most delightful thing to buy a small child.

After a quick consultation with my close groupies (aka my cousin Christy and my mum) we decided that 'Bunny' was the perfect nickname to use when talking about my little girl.

And so now I find bunnies everywhere! Cushions, lamps, blankets, clothes, and more fabric! I love this as it helps me to remember to pray for my little bunny. At the library over the weekend, looking for some books for my class, at least every 5th book that I looked at had the word 'bunny' in the title.

This book caught my eye. It is a beautiful book in which a little child tells their bunny all of the things that they love about them and all the wonderful things that the bunny does for this little child. I'm putting it on my list of 'things to purchase'.

Talking about 'purchases' my mum is definitely on a roll! She's loving finding things with bunnies on them and has started a wee 'collection'. Often when I go to her house she'll say to me, "I bought something for bunny today.' I love how enthusiastic she is about my little girl. At times I have to remind her that I live in a small two bedroom house and finding space for all of Bunny's new things may be a problem. It's for this case, and many others, that I hope Bunny comes home soon.


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