Adoption Update #4

This week I was informed of the date for the training I need to go to in Auckland. This training is specifically for those in the process of adopting from India and tells us about what to expect when we go there, how to go about naming our child and what to expect in the first month of being a parent of an adopted child from India.

I'm very excited about this training day as I know the information will be incredibly useful as those who are presenting have adopted themselves and visited the orphanages in India where New Zealand adopts from. I'm also excited about this being another step in the process. This day was going to be held in June but it has been difficult to plan to suit everyone so it is now in October and during the holidays (which is fantastic for me.) I'm not sure how many people will be attending but I am looking forward to meeting them all, finding out about their journeys and journeying alongside them in the future.

I am very blessed that on Monday I was given two possible dates for the course and then the next day Air New Zealand had a big sale on flights. I quickly emailed ICANZ to see if a date had been confirmed and was able to book flights for less than half the price they would have cost me the previous day. In fact it is cheaper for me to fly up the day before, stay the night in an AirBnB and then fly home in the evening on the next day. All I need to do now is be okay with the flying! I am not the best air passenger but a small glass of wine at the airport and I should be fine!


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