Pegs to Bring Bunny Home

Other the past month I have held a peg fundraiser, selling stainless steel pegs to raise money to #bringBunnyhome.

I loved this fundraiser as I was able to sell something that people needed and it works well with my ability to try and live more eco friendly (and encourage others to do so too!) My friend Lara found the fundraising opportunity advertised on Bento Ninja's Facebook page and tagged me in it earlier this year. I had just completed a quiz night so more fundraising was not on my priority list at the time!

I pre-ordered 10 bags of pegs to show people what they were like and knew I could order the rest at the end of the four weeks. With my ten bags of pegs I had an idea to make bunny ornaments out of baking soda and cornflour to place on each bag of pegs. These look nice and I thought it was a great idea to help people remember why they bought pegs and to pray if they were that way inclined... I just didn't realise how many bags of pegs I was going to sell!

Once the fundraiser started my close friends, who are always super supportive, started ordering theirs and sharing it on their Facebook pages, which resulted in more orders from their friends. My friend Fiona was extra awesome and created a google-doc to share with her work colleagues to sell more. My friend Geoff also used this at his work and Mum printed it out for her colleagues. The generous orders continued coming. I then asked if I could advertise the fundraiser on our church community Facebook page and more generous people ordered pegs.

In the last week of term we sent an email out to parents at school informing them that I was adopting as many of them didn't know, and we also advertised the fundraiser. Many people continued to show support.

So after just four weeks, and with incredible people jumping onboard and getting the word out, I had over 70 people order over 130 bags of pegs resulting in a total profit of over $850!!! For two days pegs covered my living room floor in their special order bundles (some orders for 5 or 6 bags!)

I also had some donations over this time that takes the total to over $1100!!

And the ornaments...these were restricted down to one per customer rather than one per bag. This reduced the work load considerably, until I made the mixture wrong when I doubled it resulting in sticky dough from one side of my kitchen to the other and a cornflour covering that looked like snow.

Thank you so much to everyone that ordered pegs. I know pegs are something that we all need but it does not fail me to see the support behind each and every one of your orders for these pegs. Pegs to bring Bunny home.

Adoption update: My file is still waiting to be accepted by the Indian Authorities. Once this happens I will then be waiting to be matched with a child.


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