Fragrant Indian-Spiced Lamb Curry and Pancakes!

Things have been very quiet on the adoption front lately as my documents sit on someone's desk in India waiting to be looked at. I need to get used to this though. Once my documents are checked I will be waiting for months or even years to be matched. It's a lesson in patient waiting.

So in the mean time lets talk cooking!
I love creating delicious food. If it doesn't taste good why make it?!
Near the beginning of this year I started what I thought would be a tradition of having pancakes at the start of every school holidays. A celebratory type thing. This has turned into pancakes every weekend because who doesn't like celebrating weekends?!

But these aren't just any pancakes. I use the recipe in Chelsea Winter's book 'EAT'. I don't have the rights to share this recipe with you but I would suggest you buy this book anyway as the recipe is not available online and there are many great recipes in it. Trust me, I've cooked over 75% of the main meals in this book.

 I adapt the recipe slightly (I don't need 6 serves of pancakes!) and I don't need them to be dairy free or gluten free, but they can be if that is what you require. Quartering the recipe is relatively easy (I just use one large egg) and this gives me enough for pancakes on Saturday and Sunday. I omit the sugar in my recipe as I want to limit my refined sugar. The recipe uses bananas which I usually do put in but I also often add raspberries as these are very low in sugar.

The secret ingredient is the dark chocolate! To keep the sugar content low I use Lindt 95% cocoa. I serve my pancakes with more raspberries and any other fruit I may have (banana and kiwifruit are great). A good dollop of 'Raglan' Mango and Turmeric or Raspberry and Lime Coconut Yoghurt on top is also a must. This is usually my weekend brunch with a light snack in the afternoon.

And because the smell of Indian spices are now wafting through my house I thought why not share the next recipe with you. It is the beautiful 'Fragrant, Indian-Spiced Lamb Curry.' You will be happy to know that this recipe is available online (link below) and is well worth the making. It can also be found in her book 'Everyday Delicious'.

Many people know I love Chelsea Winter and many of her meals are my favourites but I believe this tops the list, closely followed by several others ;) As with most of Chelsea's recipes I need to double the time to prepare (she must have a magic onion chopper and garlic peeler) but it is definitely worth the time. This dish takes me just under an hour to prepare but I am a bit of a ditherer and perfectionist in the kitchen, much unlike my mother. But once this meal is prepared it sits in the oven for 3 hours slow cooking and allowing all the spices and juices to permeate the lamb and a delicious smell to permeate your senses.

Once cooked the lamb is tender and the curry tastes like something you would pay for at a good Indian restaurant. You are able to increase or reduce the spice wanted by omitting or increasing the amount of chilli powder you use. Served with steamed rice and naan is a great option. You may want to add yoghurt with some lemon rind. I enjoy stir-fried green beans with this dish to increase the vege component.

Enjoy cooking delicious food! Let me know if you try any of these recipes.


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