A Time to Celebrate

Today, on this 11th September, I have finished paying off the $10,000 loan that I received late last year. I began paying this off in January and have managed to pay it off in 9 months and 8 days with God's grace, two fundraisers and some pretty epic budgeting skills. It feels good but I know the celebration will be in my next pay when that money will go to increase my savings towards adoption.

How did I celebrate? Well not with anything today but recently I bought a beautiful darker-skinned doll for Bunny and that felt like a way to celebrate. In the next week or so I will take my incredible friend, who lent me the money, out for a meal to celebrate.

And tomorrow I hop on a plane and fly to Auckland to attend the Sistas Conference and hopefully meet Lisa Harper and her daughter Missy. I'm so excited, I don't know how much sleep I will get tonight. I've been beavering away over the past few days sewing a baby blanket as they are collecting these at the conference to be gifted to Middlemore Hospital.

I'm praying that this weekend is full of moments of drawing closer to God and experiencing more of His heart. I'm praying that I have the opportunity to meet Lisa and Missy and share my story with them. Whatever comes I know it will be an incredible weekend.

My documents still sit on a desk in India waiting to be accepted and I can't change that. But I can keep my attitude positive, knowing that I don't have control but that the God I believe in does. I trust Him. Because as I read in the Psalms this week He is strong, and He is loving.


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