Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific child already?
No, I have to wait to be matched to a child. The Indian authorities make the match and then share the information with ICANZ who share it with me. I then have a couple of days to look through the information and choose whether I accept that child. I will be sent a photo (not necessary a recent one) and limited medical information. If I don’t accept the child I am put back in the queue to wait for another one. 

How long will it take?
The process has already taken 22 months. Once I have been approved by the Indian Authorities the wait could be anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. 

Do you go over to India at all?
Yes. I have to go over to collect her and I may need to go over one or two times before that. This depends on what the Indian Authorities ask for. When I go over to collect her my mum will have to come with me and we will have to stay for at least two weeks. 

Why overseas and not NZ?
There are many reasons for this decision but the main one is that my heart and passion is for the injustice and extreme poverty in third world countries. Although there are many children in NZ who need care, the need overseas is so much greater. Not until you have experienced first hand the extreme poverty in third world countries can you see how lucky we are. 

Why India?
There are only seven countries that you can adopt from within New Zealand. They are India, Chile, Thailand, China, Lithuania, The Philippines, and Hong Kong. In New Zealand you can not currently adopt from any country in Africa. India is the only country that a single woman can adopt a younger child from (a younger child is between the age of 2 and 7.) Single women can adopt older children or children with medical conditions from the Philippines and Thailand. 

How much does adoption cost and where does the money go?
There is no definitive amount for how much adoption costs. There are fees to pay to the organisation who works on behalf of me here in NZ (Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand) and the Indian Authorities. I have to pay legal fees in India, flights to India and visa fees. The total cost is over $20,000 not including travel, at least 2 weeks stay in India and taking a year off work (the time recommend to create secure attachment with an adopted child). 

Do you get to choose the ‘type’ of child you adopt?
I have been able to specify what gender I want (female) and what age range. I have also filled out a three page document stating what disabilities and medical conditions I would be willing to accept.

If you want to know more about the adoption process check out my blog post:


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